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Re-entering the workforce


Are you aware that after a break from the workplace/your career, either bringing up children or taking time out to study or care for loved ones – the first thing a recruiter will say to you is “But you have spent so many years away from the workplace!”


Turn this negative response into a positive use of your time, in your favour –

  • Use everything you have done on a voluntary basis during this time as experience adding to your skills
  • Use the time you have been studying as advancing your analytical skills and currency of knowledge
  • Use the time you have spent subscribing to journals and reading and learning, thus adding current value to your knowledge


Quote from client

“Returning to the workforce after many years…. Virginia re-defined and summarised my skills showing the organisation how my skills, work, life and community experiences were an excellent fit and matched their requirements. Virginia guided me through the responses I needed to make to the selection criteria for the position. I was thrilled when I got an interview to the first job I applied for and more importantly I have a resume that I can build on because Virginia explained to me what the employer wants to see in a resume.”
                                                       Administration/Coordination Community Services - Young family and study – 8 years break